Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cashier Humiliated by a Mother and Daugther After Having a Hard Time Understanding Their English!

This mother and daughter got a taste of their own medicine after humiliating a cashier in a fast food chain. The end result will leave you laughing as they make their way out of the store.
Netizen Bryan Belo posted a funny conversation on Facebook about the whole confrontation that happened in Angeles, Pampanga. The mother and daughter were losing patience after the cashier had a hard time taking their orders (they were speaking in English) and decided to call out the manager to address the issue.

The mother and daughter spoke to the manager with an attitude while being sassy to match their personalities. They had a conversation with the store manager that left many netizens laughing.In the end, the mother and daughter left the store out of sheer humiliation. Find out the whole story by reading the post below!
CREDITS: EliteNewsFeed