Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chinese National Who Got Caught Carrying Drugs Will Be The First Victim of Death Penalty

Local police authorities got their hands recently on a Chinese national for carrying about 4.2 kilograms of shabu in Mactan, Cebu International Airport.
Apparently, the 27-year old woman was identified as Liming Zhou, who is now currently under investigation from the Philippine Regional Office of Central Visayas (PRO-7) after the estimated P6 million worth of drugs were discovered on her luggage.

Netizens have expressed their sentiments for the case of the Chinese national, stating that if the woman was found guilty, she will then receive the cost of her actions and that is death penalty. An enraged netizen even said "Pag Pilipino ka bitay ka agad sila, Ganti tayo, bitay rin sila."

The suspect duly explained that the luggage containing drugs wasn't hers, but belongs to her cousin's lover which is a Canadian. She explains that she was ordered to bring the luggage to Cebu in which she will be picked up and accompanied to a hotel nearby. Local police authorities are already taking a close look at the situation and is undergoing further investigation. What are your thoughts about the whole incident? Should the woman be put under the death penalty? Let us know by writing your comments below!
H/T: Philippines Reports