Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jesse Robredo's Death is No Accident. Find Out The Reason Why Here!

The death of the late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo took everyone by surprise. And now, it appears that the supposed accidental death of Jesse is being brought up once again and is becoming a hot topic online.
There have been claims that his death was no accident, but was instead planned due to his discovery of the movement of illegal drug trades inside the country benefiting the Cabinet members.

It was believed that Robredo was cut off as soon as he discovered that the PNP had ties with at least two Cabinet members of former President Noynoy Aquino.
Jess informed President Aquino of his investigations. The problem was it was not only the drug lords who had links to some PNP generals but as Jess dug deeper found had links to Palace officials. -according to the post.
As soon as the lines were traced and the conspiracy theories thrown out the window, it starts to make more sense that the incident wasn't just merely an accident.
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