Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Little Girl Claims She Saw Dolphy In Hell After Sleeping For 23 Hours!

When we sleep, our bodies at our rest and our minds are at work. Dreams are a scope into the unknown, with limitless imaginations and series of images processed in our minds. Sometimes, our dreams carry different meanings depending on what the dreams are, sometimes serving as a foresight into alternate realities.

This little girl was asleep for about 23 hours and during that long rest, she claims to have visited hell in her vision and made her way back to describe it in full detail. This chilling news has made its way into social media and is picking up the attention of many people.

Visiting hell may not exactly be a good thing to hear, but this little girl claimed to do so in her dreams. She saw celebrities like Michael Jackson, the comedy king Dolphy Quizon Jr., and even Pope John Paul II facing the fiery pits of hell. What gave the chills to many netizens is the girl said that she even saw her own deceased father being punished in the hands of three evil demons.

Netizens were stunned with disbelief about the girl's rather strange visions. Apparently the little girl also saw what heaven looks like, and described it as a very bright place with a large gate at the entrance.The disturbing foresight of the girl made rounds on social media, and the video quickly made its way online, being viewed thousands of times by many netizens.