Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mar Roxas Denies Allegations of Being Connected With Accused Generals!

Following President Duterte's announcement of the five generals allegedly linked to illegal drug activities, former presidential candidate Mar Roxas is believed to be connected to these five individuals.
The generals linked to drug trades are retired Chief Superintendent Vicente Loot, retired Deputy Director General Marcelo Gabo Jr., Director Joel Pagdilao, Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio and Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz.

These PNP generals were dubbed the "Roxas Generals." And now, speculations are starting to arise that Roxas has ties to these men.

Roxas immediately denied the accusations surrounding him, saying that "Despite lacking any basis, the insinuation is that these individuals campaigned for me in the last elections." He also clarified his relationships with the generals, saying they campaigned for him in the previous elections but said that none were a part of the Liberal Party.

Roxas said that his ties with these men were put to a close when he quit the DILG back in 2015. "One thing is certain. There are still those who attempt to smear my name and reputation long after the campaign is done." Roxas said.