Reaction Paper to President Rodrigo Duterte’s SONA

After hearing the president’s SONA, I have firmly concluded that President Duterte is driven and motivated in delivering change to the country most people have long desired for. He is determined to pave a new future for the country, making way for a brand new leadership that is ready to take on the nation’s problems and tackle them head-on.

It is upon my firm belief that he has no room for blame on past mistakes, evident in his speech in which he said “We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back. Finger-pointing is not the way. That is why I will not waste precious time dwelling on the sins of the past or blaming those who are perceived to be responsible for the mess that we are in and suffering from.”

As I further analyze his speech and contemplate his words, he seeks equality in everyone under his leadership. It is worth noting that he wants to assure everyone else that vindictiveness will not be the basis of his leadership. As he said, “I wish to assure everyone though that vindictiveness is not in my system. Just like you and I, all, equal treatment and equal protection are what I ask for our people.”It is during this time that people are having a firm belief, a glimmer of hope, that the war against drugs will finally be addressed. I truly believe that President Duterte is capable of delivering his promise, a future for the generations to come free of the dire influences and chains of illegal drugs. His statement echoed this by saying “We will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier and the last pusher have surrendered or are put, either behind bars or below the ground, if they so wish.”

For a very long time, it appears that the hopes and dreams of many Filipinos for a mighty change in the country is finally going to happen. I have yet to finally conclude that Duterte will deliver on all his promises, but the potential is there for it to happen.

Lastly, I am one to believe that at the end of his term, lasting peace will be achieved. Only time will tell if ever that truly happens, but I can see it materializing based on my observations.

Hopefully everything comes to form and the Philippines undergoes a complete change of heart under the new leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte.

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