Sunday, July 3, 2016

Russian Man Experiments and Injects His Own Semen Into a Chicken's Egg. The End Result Will Leave You Shocked!

One of the more interesting and totally bizarre experiments was conducted by a Russian man in which he thought of injecting his own sperm cell inside a chicken egg and find out what the result may be.

The experiment was dubbed "Homunculus", or little man in Latin language. The process of creating new artificial life through experimentation is called alchemical process.

He injected his very own sperm cell inside the egg and stored it for 10 days. He then broke the egg to discover the result of his experiment and what he found out was totally shocking, way beyond what he way expecting.The result didn't form like a little chick as he expected, but something more horrifying. Late scientists already had their take on this experiment during ancient times.What are your thoughts about the whole story? Feel free to share them with us and let us know what you think by writing your comments!
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