Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Truth About the Island Dispute Between the Philippines and China Revealed. Shocking!

As the island dispute between the Philippines and China intensifies, more and more conspiracies and truths are being revealed by many who are concerned with the whole issue.
And one netizens who caught the attention of many people is Mr. Riyoh who created a video about the ongoing debate between the two nations. He reveals the alleged 'truth' in the video and since then, the clip has begun to spread like wildfire all over social media.

He claims that the whole dispute was 'written by God'. He revealed a conspiracy theory stating that the so-called 'evil plans' of the United States of America making the Philippines a puppet with strings as they use it to go to war against China.

The video was met with different reactions from many netizens and has been shared thousands of times. Take a look at Mr. Riyoh's viral video right down below and see it for yourself! Source: Social Trends