Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tito Sotto Comes Under Fire After Shaming a Winner on Live Television!

Senator Tito Sotto has come under fire recently after expressing his sentiments on a "Sugod Bahay" winner on Kalye Serye.
The woman who was the winner shared her experience that she was taken advantage of by her husband's friend while she was drunk and Tito Sotto commented on the whole incident.

His remarks didn't exactly ring well in the ears of many viewers who watched the show, with many saying that it was quite improper of him to shame the woman on live television.
Tito Sotto: Kasalanan ng lahat ng iyan, yung pag inom. Yung pa-shat shat. Kababae mong tao, pa-shot shot ka?
(audience cheering)
Jose Manalo: Hindi, tama yun. Umiinom ka na, naka-short ka pa?
Tito Sotto: Naka-shorts?
Jose Manalo: Naka-shorts! Allan K: Gaano kaiksi? Gaano kaiksi yang shorts na yan?
(Jose Manalo hikes up shorts, audience cheering)
Allan K: Ano bang tawag sa shorts na yan?
Wally Bayola: Ngyort!
Jose Manalo: Tapos naka-ganun pa. (raises up a leg to his seat)
Wally Bayola: Oh, shat na shat na! (mimes passing a shot glass)
(Jose Manalo acts out drinking a shot glass while intoxicated)

Since then, Tito Sotto was criticized by many viewers of the show for his controversial remarks about the woman's experience.
H/T: Social Trends