Sunday, July 17, 2016

USA Today Writes an Article About President Rodrigo Duterte. Here is What it Says!

President Rodrido Duterte is delivering his promise on putting a halt to illegal drug trades once and for all by killing all those who are involved in drug activities, and it appears like his actions against drugs have taken notice not only by people around the country, but internationally as well.
News and publishing website USA Today wrote an article about Duterte, saying that "he has left a bloody trail of drug world executions that is drawing alarm from human rights groups and opposing politicians."

Date reveals that 72 dealers were slain during President Duterte's inauguration day, and since then the number have climbed to about 114. Human rights groups have grown wary of Duterte's killings against drug pushers, saying that

"Human Rights Watch is concerned that President Rodrigo Duterte's electoral platform, which included repeated promises to kill those deemed to be criminals and drug dealers, may be interpreted by some as a legitimization of the unlawful concept of extrajudicial killings as an acceptable approach to crime control. Not only does each case need to be investigated, but it's crucial there be an inquiry into the surge of killings since June 30 and action taken to put an end to it."

The national chairman and human rights lawyer of the Free Legal Assistance group gave a statement which was also highlighted in the USA Today article, saying that "Do we really want to give the man with the gun the power to judge who are criminals and to kill them? To decide who is bad and who is good, who deserves to live and who deserves to die?"

As the battle with drugs continue, expect the numbers to rise as Duterte brings his promise on purging the country of illegal drug activities.