Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Video of a Woman Allegedly Being Possessed by a "Duwende" Surfaces Online. Shocking!

A video of a woman being allegedly 'possessed' has been making rounds on social media. The video caught the attention of many netizens and drew mixed reactions in their eyes. It shows a woman being possessed not by a spirit, but by a 'duwende', one of the mythological creatures in Philippine folklore.
Duwende's are tiny little goblins or elves that live underground or in houses or trees. These mischievous little creatures are believed to bring either good or bad luck to those they encounter. And for this girl in the video, it appears that she ran on bad luck with the little dwarfs.

It can be seen in the video that the woman way yelling and screaming, claiming that there are dwarves inside her.

While some stated that the woman was indeed possessed by these tiny tricksters, others weren't quick to buy into the hype, doubting the credibility of the video especially the non-believers of such creatures. H/T: ShockingFiles