Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anim na Katangian ng mga Babae na Siguradong Ikakatuwa ng Boyfriend Mo!

Your boyfriend adores you for a reason. Maybe he fell in love with your sense of humor or your general passion in doing the things you love.
Maybe he's smitten with how beautiful you are. Or it's because of your cute behavior that he finds really attractive.
Speaking of behavior, most men fall heels over heads when their girlfriend has these types of behaviors.  He'll certainly adore you more if you these 6 things that will make him love you more!

1. Placing your head in his chest
A sense of warmth and security envelops men when their girlfriend places her head on his chest. He simply loves it when you do this so make sure to do it often!

2. Playing with his hair
Women love it when their boyfriend strokes their hair, but men also feel the same way. Gently brushing his hair will make him feel loved with a sense of affection from their partner.

3. Praising him on social media
Relationships require some privacy. You don't need to go all googoo-gaga over him on Facebook, but he'll definitely appreciate it if you let everyone know how much he means to you. 4. Listening to what he says
This sends him a message that you value his opinions and respects what he has to say.

5. Sending him calls and texts when you're with your friends
Your boyfriend will certainly appreciate it if you take your time to send him a message or call him while you're busy hanging out with your friends. Thinking of your boyfriend while you're out and about will make him adore you more.
6. Showing affection in public
Holding his hand in public and staying close to him will make him adore you. It means that you're proud to have him as your boyfriend, and surely he'll feel the same thing as well!

Do you have these types of behaviors that you show to your boyfriend as well? Let us know by leaving your opinions and comments below!