Sunday, August 14, 2016

SHOCKING! Badjao Girl Seen Crying After Housemates Made Fun of Her Undergarments!

'Badjao Girl' Rita Gaviola was seen crying after her co-housemates made fun of her undergarments inside the PBB House. The 13 year old wasn't pleased with how the housemates teased her belongings, causing her to shed tears.
She overheard her housemates laughing while she was washing the dishes inside the kitchen. Curious, she found out that they were laughing because of her undergarments.

What happened next caught everyone by surprise. She said "Ayaw ko kasing pinaglalaruan 'yung gamit ko."

Immediately, the other housemates approached Rita and apologized for making fun of her stuff. Maymay also approached her and explained what happened by saying that the housemates thought that it was her undergarments.
Source: EliteNewsFeed