Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bianca Gonzales Responds to Tweet of Netizen About Martial Law! What She Said Will Shock You!

TV host Bianca Gonzales responded to a tweet of a certain netizen who criticized her pertaining to the Martial Law that happened during the reign of Ferdinand Marcos.
The 33-year old mom is known to be a huge supporter of the administration of former president Benigno Aquino III.

Recently, a decision has been made that Ferdinand Marcos' preserved body will finally be laid to rest in the Heroes' Cemetery (Libingan ng mga Bayani) and Bianca for one doesn't fully agree with the decision.

The argument between her and a netizen began when the Kapamilya host tweeted about Marcos' Martial Law, saying "The threat of martial law still happening is the reason we cannot and should not move on."

From there, a certain netizen with the handle @kamkamote replied to Bianca's tweet, saying "so what if there's martial law?" and from there Bianca responded by posting a video entitled 'Millenials for Martial Law' in which the video depicts numerous victims of the Martial Law explaining to the generation of youth today of what really happened in the past. The netizen then replied to Bianca's video response with "Wow Bianca, yang vid na yan nung eleksyon pa! Move on na teh!" Enraged with the comment, Bianca tweeted this as a response to the netizen.
She then added "Sana wala kang lolo o lola na nakaranas ng abuso nung Martial Law. Di to tungkol sa eleksyon. Ito'y para hindi na maulit yun."
Source: TNP