Monday, August 29, 2016

Former NBI Offical Reveals Evidence Against Senator Leila De Lima on Protecting Drug Lords in New Bilibid Prison!

A former official of the NBI confirmed that Senator Leila De Lima is involved in illegal drug trades after stating that he has enough evidence to sow De Lima's ties and connections with the drug personalities in the New Bilibid Prison after the drug matrix was recently unveiled.
According to an exclusive report from Aksyon TV, Ex-NBI Deputy Director Reynaldo Esmeralda stated that he possesses enough evidence against De Lima and said that he would soon hand over the evidences once he completes gathering enough information to the local government.

It can be recalled in 2014 when Esmeralda was serving as the deputy director of the NBI, he was terminated from his position by De Lima who was serving as the secretary of the Department of Justice at the time.

He believes that the removal from his position underwent no due process after allegedly having connections with Pork Barrel Scam queen Janet Lim Napoles. A CCTV footage shows that Napoles visited De Lima and are believed to be having a meeting. Before they were removed from their respective positions, Esmeralda said that they have already gathered enough evidence against De Lima on her involvement with drug personalities in New Bilibid. He said "Pag nakumpleto ko yung akin lang ano, wala akong koneksyon kay Presidente, yung sarili ko lang. Pag nakumpleto ko yun itu-turn over ko sa kanila."

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