Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Japan Sends Huge Rescue Ship to Aid the Philippine Coast Guard. Take a Look!

The relationship between the Philippines and Japan continues to be fortified as the the Japan International Cooperation Agency will be sending the "BRP Tubbataha rescue ship on September 1st.
The MRV-4401 BRP Tubbataha will aid the Philippines in “various search and rescue and maritime security and law enforcement operations.” The ship is set to depart Yokohama on August 11 and is estimated to arrive in Manila Port on August 18. The final takeover of the ship will be on September 1st.

Measuring 44 meters  length, the rescue ship was constructed by the Japan Marine United Corporation Yokohama Shipyard. The Philippine Coast Guard has extended their gratitude to Japan for sending the rescue ship as it will immensely aid them in numerous operations.
The rescue ship has a boatload of features that the Coast Guard will utilize. Some of them are night vision cameras, fire monitors, a bulletproof navigation bridge, a radio direction finder, and many more. The BRP Tbbataha is describes as:

"The length of the vessel is 44 meters while its breadth is reported to be 7.5 meters and the depth is 4 meters. The maximum speed of the vessel is approximately 25 knots and its cruising range is 1,500 nautical miles. Its capacity is up to 25 persons."

The Philippines and Japan signed a Declaration For Strengthening Strategic Partnership and its Action Plan back in June 2015 in order to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

A Japanese Coast Guard Vessel was docked at the South Harbor of Manila for the joint exercise with the Philippine Coast Guard.

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