Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WATCH! Video of a Lion Devouring a Human Goes Viral Online!

A tragic video of a lion devouring a human skyrocketed on social media and gathered the attention of many netizens.
The horrific accident was caught on camera in which the lion mercilessly bit through the flesh of the poor man as they were both entrapped in a cage.

People around the scene went frantic, desperately searching for ways on how to stop the lion from killing the man. What happened in the end was the lion was shot to death and the man was pulled out of the cage, but it appears that it was a little too late to save the man as he suffered serious wounds.

The video was met with different reactions online after it went viral. If you can stomach watching this horrifying incident, then take a look below to see for yourself. Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. Video content may not be suitable for young children.