Saturday, August 27, 2016

Liza Soberano Does The Pak Ganern Challenge on Dolce Amore Set

One of the most popular trends making rounds on the internet lately is the 'Pak Ganern' challenge and many netizens have already tried it out.

But generating a lot of buzz in the world of social media is Liza Soberano who attempted the challenge on the set of Dolce Amore.
The catchphrase  'Pak Ganern' was generally used to express a wide range of expressions including sarcasm, jokes and amusement. Immediately, it became a hot trend and a game was formed.

The challenge was done by many celebrities and Liza is one of many who attempted the challenge along with Dolce Amore co-star Boom Labrusca.

With enough experience under her belt in doing the challenge, Liza defeated Labrusca in which the latter seemingly was falling behind after being unfamiliar of how the game was played. The video skyrocketed on social media and gathered the attention of many netizens, especially Liza's fans who adored the video. The Pak Ganern challenge took its roots from the famous Filipino game of "Nanay, Tatay" and is played the same way.

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