Friday, August 12, 2016

MUST-READ! 7 Warning Signs That Indicate You Eat Too Much Sugar!

Almost all of us has that inner sweet tooth that we can't resist. Of course, who doesn't love desserts, chocolates, and donuts right?

While they are certainly appetizing, consuming foods with high sugar content on a regular basis could lead to several health risks and could result in diabetes.
So while you're enjoying eating sweet, tasty treats, it's important to eat them in moderation. So how you find out if you're eating too much sugary foods?

Here are 7 warning signs that you should pay attention before health complications arise!

1. Tiredness and fatigue
If your bod has high sugar levels, you are prone to getting tired easily. Sugary foods give you a sudden boost of energy (like energy drinks) temporarily but makes you crash after a few hours.

2. Craving for sugar
Addiction to sweet foods and delicacies means you have too much sugar in your body.

3. Frequent flu and colds
Too much sugar in the body weakens the immune system that allows you to catch colds and flu more easily. 4.  Cloudy thoughts
If your mind tends to drift away and your brain seemingly starts to fog, chances are you have high sugar levels. This is due to the rapid rise and fall of your blood sugar levels, leading to cognitive impairment issues.

5. Sweet taste disappear
The sugar overkill in your taste buds causes your tolerance in sweet foods to go up so you can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.
6. Skin and foot problems
Acne, dry skin and other skin problems are often caused by high blood sugar levels.

7. Weight gain
If you notice a difference in your weight, it's because sugary foods have more calories and doesn't satisfy your hunger due to the lack of fiber and protein which could eventually lead to diabetes.

It's important to limit your consumption of sugary foods in order to reduce the risk of health problems especially diabetes.