Sunday, August 7, 2016

Names of Eight Mayors Allegedly Involved in Illegal Drugs Revealed!

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed in a speech last Sunday the list of all the politicians who are linked to illegal drug trades and their names have been called out. Immediately after the list was read, reports have surfaced regarding the total number of individuals involved.
One of the first names to be mentioned in the list were Cebu City's retired PNP General and Mayor Loot and Albuera Leyte Mayor Espinosa Sr. Other mayors from different cities were also mentioned as well.

Reports have indicated that politicians from Misamis Occidental are heavily involved in drug trades. Osamis Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog is said to be linked to drug lord Helbert Cojuanco.

Meanwhile, several other names from Misamis were also mentioned as well. These politicians are Mayor Michael Guttierez, Mayor Donjie Animas, Mayor David Navarro, Mayor Crisinciano Mahilac, Mayor Ezel Villanueva, Mayor Juanidy Vina, Mayor Jason Almonte and Board Member Richard Centino.

These personnel have denied the accusations about being linked with drug syndicates, but has not received sympathy of any kind from the people, especially from the president. PNP Chief Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa is determined to reveal the names so that the matter may finally be settled.
Sources: TNP | Dutertetoday