Monday, August 22, 2016

Netizen Warns About Sending Money To LBC. Find Out Why!

Netizen Rom Sarmiento Son shared his experience on Facebook after having issues with remittance on LBC last August 1, 2016. He remitted P10,000 for the payment of his sister and his cousin's tuition fees but soon found out that his hard-earned money was claimed by someone else.
He took to Facebook to address the issue and to let everyone be aware of what happened. As Rom stated, according to LBC if the sum of the money to be remitted is P10,000 above, a specific pick-up branch should be provided for the claimant to pick up the remittance.

But he was shocked after discovering that the money he sent was picked up at an LBC branch in Cebu City. He immediately called the the LBC Contact Center to ask questions on how the remittance was claimed in a different pick-up branch other than the one he stated.

Read his post right down below to find out everything that happened!

"HINDI SAFE MAGPADALA NG PERA SA LBC" Ayon kay Rom Sarmiento August 1, 2016: Nag padala ako ng pera sa LBC Express...

Posted by Pinoy History on Thursday, August 11, 2016
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