Thursday, August 11, 2016

Netizens Reveal Shocking Truth of MRT Girl's Secret Job!

Monique Olandesca found herself treading hot waters after uploading a post on social media, humiliating a man after failing to offer her a seat inside an MRT. Because of this, she's gathered much criticism and controversy and was bashed by many netizens for her offensive post.
If you want to be respected, you should first show respect. And it appears that Monique has lost the respect of many people and resulted in some pretty interesting discoveries.

A photo has been uploaded online that drew the attention of many about Monique.

It has yet to be fully confirmed if the circulating screenshot of a conversation has any authenticity, but it's interesting to see if this is really Monique's 'secret job'.
She then received quite a lot of bashing and hating after the conversation made its way online.

Monique has yet to reveal any statement regarding this controversy and remains silent about the whole issue. Whether the conversation is real or not.
CREDITS: NCatalyst | TNP