Thursday, August 18, 2016

President Duterte Criticizes De Lima, Says She's an Immoral Woman and a Driver-Lover Collecting Money From Drugs!

Without a doubt everyone knows the rift between Senator Leila De Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte for quite some time now. The two are almost always spotted exchanging words against each other even way before the campaign for the elections began.
And now it appears that President Duterte has taken it to the next level and called out senator De Lima as an 'immoral woman' during his speech at the 115th anniversary of the Police Service held at Camp Crame. Duterte threw some heavy criticisms against De Lima.

Duterte said "And here is a senator complaining, when one day I will tell you, that she have driver herself, who was her lover, was the one also collecting money for her during the campaign. Here is an immoral so far as the wife of the driver was concerned is adultery," taking a shot at De Lima for having her personal driver collect money for her in Muntinlupa.

While President Duterte was quite straightforward in his message against the senator, De Lima believes that he crossed the line and deemed his statements as a form of character assassination by saying,

"It's so foul, it's character assassination. We are both professionals, the President and I. We are both public servants. I hope he doesn't resort to those foul means. To me, that's very foul." What do you think of Duterte's statements against De Lima?
Story and Featured Image via TNP