Friday, August 19, 2016

President Duterte Reveals that Senator De Lima's Policital Campaign Was Funded Using Money She Received From Drug Lords!

Much has been said about Senator Leila De Lima and the controversial affair she had with her alleged lover/driver as pointed out by President Rodrigo Duterte. But it appears that De Lima is facing yet another issue also highlighted by the president.
Duterte believes that De Lima's campaign was funded by the money received from drug lords who are locked behind bars in New Bilibid Prison.

And while the focus of the masses is shifted towards Duterte's attacks against De Lima's love affair, he is trying to send a clear message that the senator benefitted from the drug lords and received money for her political campaign.

And while the president's straightforward approach and rugged personality may not favor the minds of some individuals, he wants to be crystal clear about the whole matter. The verbal attacks against De Lima proves that Duterte is not afraid of the sticks and stones thrown against him as long as the truth comes to light. It will only be a matter of time before the dust is settled and everything is finally revealed. Who knows if De Lima had connections to the drug lords and used the money she received from them to fund her campaign.

Considering Duterte's speech and hints about De Lima's secrets, he may very well have the answer.