Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alamin Kung Ano Ang Nakakagulat Na Natuklasan Ng Administrasyon Ni Pangulong Duterte Sa Cagayan!

As President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration lead the charge in the continuous combat against drugs, they made a shocking discovery in the province of Cagayan after discovering illegal materials that are believed to be primarily used in making methamphetamine or otherwise known as 'shabu'.
They seized the area and discovered about 14 containers of shabu that are worth a staggering P1 billion.

As of now, further testing is being done as local police authorities continue their search for more possible hidden storage of the drug.

The people at Cagayan were relieved to discover that the local police authorities in their province are active in the fight against illegal drug trades and operations. Time will tell if even more discoveries of drugs in the are will be discovered. But as of now, the administration under President Duterte is doing a good job in suppressing illegal drug activities.