Saturday, August 6, 2016

LOOK: President Duterte's Name Included in a Casket Parade

A casket parade caught the attention of many people in a post by a Facebook page called OFW's Information Guide in which one of the caskets reads President Rodrigo Duterte's name along with several other politicians.
The parade drew ire and fury from the eyes of many netizens who saw the post, claiming that these people have no respect for the president and certainly has no desire for change. The post immediately went viral on social media and drew different reactions.

Photos of the parade were uploaded and in one of the photos, it can be seen that written in one of the caskets is Duterte's crime which reads "Running for president without COC!"

This made many people angry, especially the supporters of President Duterte as well as other people who found the whole parade to be a mockery of some sort.

Take a look at the post right down below and see it for yourself!