Saturday, August 20, 2016

READ! Here is a Good Reason Why Eating a Woman's Private is Healthy!

Nothing beats eating a good meal right? Even more so when the meal is courtesy of your fine woman as you devour her down the throne with full satisfaction. She yells out your name in gentle moans while you enjoy her like a fine dinner.
It's believed that the private parts of women contain lots of probiotic bacteria that is normally found in healthy foods like yogurt .

These lactobacillus bacteria are good for your immune system and based on studies, about roughly 70% of these bacteria are found down a woman's throne. It produces lactic acid at keeps the pH levels balanced.

Research has suggested that lactobacillus bacteria can help fight cholesterol in your body, thus lowering the risk of heart disease. Extensive research is being done to find out other benefits of eating a woman's cake. One thing is for sure, good bacteria means good health and can contribute to a better immune system. So go ahead and eat your woman's very own yogurt which will surely please both of you and keep you healthy!