Senator Leila De Lima Addresses Controversial Photo With Kerwin Espinosa!

Mayor Espinosa turned himself over to the police authorities and vowed to reveal information about his son’s connections with other drug personalities, and it appears that De Lima is in the picture.

De Lima personally denied the accusations and addressed the issue. According to a report from 24 Oras, the senator vaguely turned down the notion that she has any connections with Kerwin and his father, saying “Hindi ko kilala, hindi ko maalala yan. ‘Nung eleksyon siguro yan.”

Furthermore, De Lima said “I don’t know Espinosa, even the father. Ang galing galing talaga nila. Nagkalkal sila.” She cannot exactly recall the time the photo was taken, but she believes that it was during the elections.Based on Chief of Police Inspector Jovie Espenido’s reports, the picture was apart of Mayor Espinosa’s affidavit regarding the drug personalities his son is associated with and revealed it to the police.

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H/T: SocialTrendsPH Via GMA News

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