Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Secret Behind This Controversial Photo Will Leave You in Total Shock!

Recently, the world of social media was drawn to attraction over this viral photo that certainly caught the attention of many netizens.

A Facebook page called Pinoy Musically uploaded the photo and from there it skyrocketed online, gathering thousands of likes and shares from many people.
This photo of a gorgeous woman definitely turned heads and many were mesmerized by her simple yet stunning beauty.

She's become quite a social media darling, but people were wondering why the photo was captioned with "Ang ganda neto kung naging babae."

Turns out that this beautiful woman many people have been raving about is a transgender and his name is Louis Santos.
The shocking revelation dropped the jaws of many who thought that he was a girl, but certainly it goes without saying that he may very well be one of the most beautiful transgenders people have seen in quite some time.

His profile is littered with gorgeous photos that will make you think otherwise, with his Facebook profile having hundreds of thousands of followers.

He's quite a charming individual that gained widespread attention on social media for his stunning looks.