Monday, August 15, 2016

Eto ang mga Bagay na Dapat Iwasan Gawin ng mga Kababaihan sa Dibdib Nila!

One of the more sensitive parts in the female's body is the breast. These gentle organs should always be taken care of so that they stay healthy.
If you are one of many women who are conscious about their breasts, make sure to avoid doing these things on your chest to avoid potential damage!
Do not wear a small br*
Not only is it ill-fitted, but wearing a br* that is 1 or 2 numbers small can lead to discomfort if worn for long periods. You should wear appropriate-sized br*s to make it comfortably throughout the day.

Not wearing a br* while running
It is advised that you should wear br*s when doing running because not wearing one will potentially cause connective tissue damage in the breasts, therefore making it soggy.

Punching or clutching the chest
Your breasts are very sensitive and should not be treated roughly in any way as it may cause tissue damage. Removing warts
It is quite acceptable to remove hairs around the nipple from time to time. But doing this often could lead to some serious inflammations so try to remove them as minimally as you can.
The nipple is very sensitive as well, so try to avoid pinching as much as possible because it could lead to serious complications.

Avoid nipple piercings
Some women opt for nipple piercings for their individuality, but avoid having it because it can cause serious infections in your breast.

Keep your chest nice and healthy by following these simple tips to keep them in tip-top shape!