Monday, August 22, 2016

This is What Happens in Your Body When You Swallow a Chewing Gum. Shocking!

Remember the time when you were a child the stories of other children swallowing chewing gum and it got stuck to their stomachs and they'll choke to death and die after 1,000 years? Horrible childhood memories.
Just the thought of chewing gum made you think twice about putting it in your mouth. And while the chances of dying because of a chewing gum are slimmer than winning the lottery, as an innocent young earthling you wouldn't have thought otherwise.
But now you're older and wiser. Eager to find out the truth behind the terrifying chewing-gum-swallowing dilemma. In case you were curious to find out, here is what actually happens when you swallow a chewing gum! (No, you don't die immediately)

1. It doesn't stay in your stomach for 7 years
Talk about a long time for something so small to get stuck in your stomach. The gum is easily digested in your stomach because of the sweeteners and flavors.

2. The gum base is insoluble
Like a seed of a fruit, the gum base takes longer than normal foods to digest, but it doesn't get stuck on your stomach lining so no need to worry if you swallow one. 3. But people with certain disease need to be careful
For people with Crohn's disease or Diverticulitis, swallowing a chewing gum can trigger an adverse reaction and can lead to temporary side effects such as cramping and constipation.

4. Swallowing a large portion of chewing gum can cause problems!
Especially in young children where the possibility of the large gum being dislodged in the throat and can cause choking.

Chewing gum has its own benefits as well and that includes preventing foul breath provided that the gum is sugar-free, ease heartburn and clean the mouth from bacteria.

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Featured image via: ScorpioAnnYT / YouTube | Information via WittyFeed