Friday, August 19, 2016

WATCH: Heartbreaking Video of an Innocent Young Boy Being Rescued in Aleppo, Syria Goes Viral

The horrors of survival, the blood stains forged by war, rampant chaos and death tolls rising, all witnessed by an innocent young boy who was surrounded by the turmoil of the terrifying war in Aleppo, Syria.
A video of this young boy proving his innocence amidst their war-torn country not only broke the internet, but also the hearts and souls of many people.

This boy and his family were pulled off by rescue teams after their house was hit by a bomb due to airstrike. And more than the devastating explosion of the bomb was the shell-shocked reaction of this boy who couldn't believe the events unfolding right before his very eyes.

Omran is the name of this brave young boy. His eyes shed not a single tear, and instead of wiping dirt in his face, blood stained his hands.

The heartbreaking video immediately caught the attention of people online, sparking outrage due to children being victims of war.
> Instead of playing with toys, children are fighting for their lives in Syria. The tragic reality that almost no one would ever wish to happen is happening right before them at such a young age.

All of Omran's family members were rescued. He made it out alive, but the scars left by the terrifying incident will forever live on in his mind, heart and soul as they continue fighting for better days and a peaceful future.

All a bitter reminder of the horror that is the war that claimed the lives of many innocent people in Syria.