Sunday, August 14, 2016

WATCH! Horrifying Video of a Boy's Head Cut Off in an Amusement Park Waterslide!

If you're a fan of water slides and amusements park, perhaps you'll change your mind after seeing this video. As much as we love going to theme parks and having a blast, the reality is it's not always safe.
Of course they are designed to be safe as much as possible, but that's not to say any accident is 100% avoided.

Just like this little man whose life was taken away at a amusement park. Caleb Schwab, a 10 year-old kid full joy and energy, sadly met his death in a waterslide, apparenty the world's tallest known as the Verruckt wasterslide located in Kansas City in the state of Missouri.

The slide measures around 168 tall in height and lives up to its name with the term Verruckt meaning 'insane' in German language.

One of the witnesses shared how the tragic incident happened. Esteban Castaneda saw everything unfold, hearing several loud noises until the boy reached the bottom section of the ride.

He discovered a lifeless boy with his head removed as everyone was terrified of the whole accident. It was believed that one of the seatbelts wasn't completely tight. The safety of the waterslide has already been in question last 2014, and the tragic incident brought fears into those who want to ride the famed waterslide. Feel free to give us your thoughts about the whole post by writing a comment below!