Saturday, August 13, 2016

WATCH: Russian Scientist Manages to Photograph the Soul Leaving the Body!

Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov captured an interesting phenomenon through a supposed bioelectric camera which is the disembodiment of the spirit leaving the body after the death of a person.

The image was taken using a method called gas discharge visualization.
It's an advanced method of Kirlian photography. As shown in the image, the life force of the person leaving the body is highlighted in blue.
The head and the navel are the first parties to lose their life force. Proceeding next is the groin and the heart wherein the last area of the spirit detaches before traversing the infinite phantasmagoria.

In other cases, Korotkov explains that individuals who've suffered a tragic death envelops a state of manifestation and confusion with a chance that their soul could wander for a few days after death. This is often caused by the surplus of unused energy right after death.CREDITS: ADG UK