Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WATCH! Statue of Jesus Christ in Mexico Caught on Camera Opening It's Eyes! Shocking!

A surprising video has made its way online after a statue of Jesus Christ's eyes were seen opening in Caohuila, Mexico. Paranormal activists and curious minds were met with shock after the phenomenon occurred.
According to an article written on Mirror UK by Rachel Bishop, she said that mysterious occurrence of the statue opening its eyes caught the attention of many people, eventually puzzling the minds of paranormal investigators.

The statue of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross suddenly opened its eyes and was witnessed by many people. A few moments later the eyes of the statue immediately closed.

A local service was happening inside the church when suddenly the phenomenon occurred. The video went viral online and many netizens reacted to the post.

Some have said that the occurrence was a miracle and a sign from God, while others weren't quick to disagree, saying that the video was purely edited. According to some sources, the video was said to be taken last June and was posted on Adimensional, a paranormal site that does research on bizarre and strange cases. What do you think of the whole video?