Sunday, August 14, 2016

WATCH! Woman Calls Out Senator De Lima and Drilon as "Pigs," Earns Praise in the Eyes of Many Netizens!

A woman caught the attention of many netizens on social media and were praised by many people for expressing her anger and frustration towards Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Franklin Drilon.
She called out the two senators as pigs for pointing out that President Duterte isn't following the due process for the government officials and police authorities he named that are involved in illegal drug trades.

Her brutally honest message sent shockwaves online and the video immediately went viral, gathering hundreds of thousands of views. Netizens have also expressed their own opinion about Sen. Drilon and De Lima and they agreed with what the woman had to say.

Others have pointed out that respect should still be shown to the government officials because it reflects on the attitude of the individual.

Recently, Sen. Drilon and De Lima have questioned President Duterte's list of drug officials that got them in hot waters and were criticized by many people.
Source of Featured image and story: PHReports