Thursday, August 11, 2016

Woman Shames Guy on Social Media For Being an "Ungentleman" in an MRT Goes Viral!

The woman uploaded the photo on social media and posted a rant about the guy for being ungentlemanly towards her.
This woman caught the attention of many netizens after posting a photo of a man in an MRT and blasting the guy for not offering her a seat.

Her post immediately went viral online and enraged many netizens. The woman earned ire from many people after hastily judging the man and criticizing him. Netizens defended the man and said that being a gentleman is a choice, not a responsibility.
Netizens have also commented that the man was obviously tired from work evident in his facial expression, hence his refusal to take a seat.

The post received different reactions and thousands of shares that made it viral all over social media.