Saturday, August 6, 2016

Woman Spends the Night N@ked With a Skeleton. The Reason Why Will Totally Shock You!

Netizens were freaked out after their attention was gathered by this beautiful woman who is seen posing with a skeleton on numerous photos on Facebook. Apparently, the photos stemmed from an online blog called The Anh Channel in Vietnam.
The album contains photos of the woman along with a skeleton in which the caption was read as "Art, but rather distasteful." It appears to be an expression of love beyond death, evident in the way the images are portrayed.

The first image shows the woman lying in bed beside the skeleton, while the second one shows her brushing her teeth in front of the mirror.

Other photos reveal a more erotic side in which the woman is seen in numerous provocative positions with the skeleton.
The message these photos are trying to deliver are love, affection and longing after death. Truly an interesting piece that peaked the interest of many people who saw the photos.