Saturday, September 10, 2016

Here are 15+ Courses and Programs Offered By TESDA For Women This 2016!

There are numerous courses and programs for women available online on TESDA this 2016. Details of the courses, enrollment process and several other key information such as hotline numbers and email address can be found right below.
Helping many Filipinos improve their technical and vocational skills, TESDA provides a stepping stone for many people to secure a job in their respective fields.

According to their official website, about 70 percent of TESDA graduates are able to land a job after going through their programs, with an impressive 90 percent of satisfied work performance.

TESDA also accepts female trainees in their programs and offers about 17 courses which are tailor-made for women in their female center located in Taguig.

There are loads of courses to choose from, to cooking, electronics, dressmaking, and many more.

Check out the courses and programs listed below: SEE ALSO: ONLINE COLLEGE: How to Enroll In TESDA Free Online Classes / Courses Program

TESDA Womens Courses and Duration
Automotive Servicing NC II – Seven and half months
Food Processing NC II – Five and half months
Cookery II – Five months
Dressmaking NC II – Five months
Housekeeping NC II – Five months
Food and Beverage Services NC II – Four months
Household Services NC II – Two and half months
Pharmacy Services NC II – Two and half months
Bartending NC II – Two months

Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II – Six and half months
– Maintain and Repair Electronically-Controlled Domestic Appliances (COC) – 4 months
– Maintain and Repair Cellular Phones (COC) – 4months
– Assembly/disassemble Electronic Products & System (COC) – 3 ½ months
– Maintain and Repair Audio/Video Products & System (COC) – 4 ½ months
Welding Courses
Shielded Metal Arc Welding – Four months
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) NC II – Two and half months

The requirements are relatively simple. Interested female applicants should be 15 years old and above and must take the National Career Assessment Examination for evaluation.
The Tesda Women's Center - Information and Referral Office (TWC - IRO) is situated at Gate 1 Tesda Complex, East Service Road in South Superhighway in Taguig City and is open from Monday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Applicants should bring two pieces of 1x1 colored picture with white background and a pen for filling up of the forms.

Contact these hotline numbers for more information:
Interested parties can inquire directly to TESDA by calling these numbers:
887-77-77, 817 – 4076 to 82 local 278.
They can also send email to
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