Wednesday, September 14, 2016

15 Year-Old Drunk Girl Gets Taken Advantage of By Her Boyfriend's Friends!

A 15-year old girl who got drunk with her boyfriend was allegedly taken advantage of by the guy's four friends in Iloilo City after they finished making love.
The incident happened in the guy's house where he brought his friends along after they finished drinking.

All of them were completely drunk, and after making love with each other, the guy allowed his friends to take turns with the girl. One of the suspects involved has been taken under custody by the police and the officials are currently investigating the incident.
The boyfriend was pointed out by the whole group as the mastermind behind the incident and is also in the hands of the local police station. Further assessment and evaluation will be conducted to find out what they will do with the minors detained in the local police station.

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Sources: RMN Iloilo | Socialtrends PH