Monday, September 19, 2016

VIRAL: American Shares His Heartfelt Thoughts On Why Filipinos Admires Duterte. MUST READ

President Rodrigo Duterte has really have an appeal to people, for he is not only admired by his fellow countrymen but also catches the attention of other races.
One of these men is John Parsons. Parsons is an American native who openly speaks up about his thoughts towards President Duterte and the Philippines. His post then gained a lot of attention on the internet world.

On his viral post, he shared his point of view on the Philippines as an American man, claiming that he has stayed in the country for a very long time.

John Parsons said post can be read below.

I finally feel that I need to speak up. There has been much in the press lately about newly elected Philippine...

Posted by John Parsons on Friday, September 16, 2016

Parson was able to see the goods that President Duterte brings to the table, but why are there some people who criticized his doings?

This Facebook post should be an eye opener to those people who questions the President's leadership. If a foreigner can appreciate his doings, then why can't you?
Source: Facebook