Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Colango Admits to Running Pr0stitution Den and Selling Women Inside New Bilibid Prison!

New Bilibid Prison inmate and convict Helbert Colangco testifies at the House probe regarding the drug activities inside the prison walls and revealed many information about the proliferation of drugs during Senator Leila De Lima's time as Justice Secretary of the Department of Justice.
Colango revealed in front of the House panel that the maximum security compound in New Bilibid was like 'Las Vegas', in which he admitted paying 10 women outside Bilibid with an amount of P25,000 to enter.

He then sells the women for P70,000-P75,000 inside the prison to earn profit and to compensate for the P3 million monthly obligation he pays to De Lima through her aide by the name of Joenel Sanchez.
He made the compound and transformed it into a business to earn profit by stating that there was a facility inside the compound like a hotel with complete amenities, restrooms, bed, and a shower.

The pr0stituti0n den inside the prison are just one of the many disputable activities that happened inside Bilibid where gambling and illegal drugs were widespread in the high-security facilities.
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