Sunday, September 4, 2016

Conclusions on Davao City Explosion Goes Viral on Social Media. READ!

After the catastrophic bombing incident in Davao City that left many people injured and a few people dead, many are starting to wonder on what could be the real motives and intention behind the explosion.
Speculation and rumor have since appeared linking the bombing some major issues the country is facing.

A post on Facebook has been gathering the attention of many netizens about the conclusions of a certain individual regarding the bombing.

The author of the post remains unknown, but certainly the conclusions mentioned have sparked a hefty conversation. Take a look below and see for yourself.
  • they are trying to divert the case against de lima.
  • they want to put smudge on digong's reputation.
  • they want to debunk that Davao is the safest city in the country.
  • they want to put digong's mind to test so that in the end he will declare martial law to eradicate these killings and terrorist attacks.
  • they want to subdue the government.
  • they want to nullify the war against drugs and criminalities.
  • they want to perish the humanity.
Prayers for our country. May Godbless this country overwhelmed by devilish and bedeviled personality.

This is terrorism already... Killing the innocent lives of own countrymen.
Demonic minds lang ang makakagawa nito.
  1. Pwedeng ASG ang may gawa.
  2. Pwedeng drug lords
  3. Pwedeng yung mga gustong magalit si Duterte ng bongga at magdesisyon ng basta basta (i.e. Martial Law) para magalit ang mga tao sa kaniya, magkakaron ng possibility na mapatalsik siya
  4. Pwedeng dito na pabagsakin si Duterte at palabasin na ASG ang may kasalanan. Hindi na nakakatuwa. Para sa bayan.
  5. Whoever is behind this, let us all pray for the whole Philippines.
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SOURCE: AllThingsPinoy