Tuesday, September 13, 2016

MUST-READ! Conspiracy Theories Reveal That Taylor Swift is a Clone of a Satanist!

There have been numerous conspiracy theories of various celebrities and famous artists on being clones and such.
Recently, Canadian singer and pop fixture Avril Lavigne got caught up in these types of rumors and now, it appears that Taylor Swift has found herself in the same breath as well.

The pop star has been well-received in her music career, earning fame for writing love songs and what not. But according to some conspiracy theorists, she's allegedly a clone of a Satanist.

Now before you go ballistic and call everyone insane, take a look at some of the 'evidences' gathered by these theorists. A woman from the 90' strikingly resembles Taylor Swift and this is not just some ordinary woman who appears to look like the famous singer. In fact, she's Zeena Shreck LaVey, daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan.
People are now wondering the possibilities because they look eerily similar, with some stating that she's a reincarnation of LaVey. Many are starting to dig deep into this conspiracy theory and some minds have concluded that Taylor is indeed the clone of a Satanist.

To be fair, Zeena is still alive today and Swifty is still making music about her ever-evolving relationships. Whether you consider this conspiracy as a hyperbolic make-believe or a real thing, it's up to you to decide. Let us know what you think and share them with us by writing your comments below.