Saturday, September 10, 2016

Other Countries Claimed that Filipinos are Very Fortunate Because Of A Girl Named CAROLINA! Find Out Why!

A sinister story about a Lost City in Samar has been creeping out a lot people since it became popular back in 1983.

The story tells about a group of students who got lost after a visit to the place called "Biringan" located somewhere in Samar. A story so well known that even other countries knows the tale.
The story has also been featured in the talk show Mel and Joey during the show's Halloween special in the GMA Network. After it was aired on TV, it garnered many attentions when the people of Samar confirmed the thing and there are people who went to that place never gets the chance to return ever again.

There are also stories that a lady named Carolina who is encouraging anyone she desires to bring her to that place. Some people also claim that the experience was very terrifying after visiting the place and will never try to go to that place again.
Another scary fact about this is that numerous delivery men are asking about the place, as someone from that place order some item, same with the cargo ship who delivered loads of heavy equipment.

The full story can be read here.