Monday, September 12, 2016

Vicious Hired Killer Was Arrested After Finding Out His Involvement In Summary Execution

For the past several months, drug addicts were laid waste by a group of unknown personas who are allegedly killing this so called drug personalities and the police are beginning their search as of who these guys are and what are their agendas for doing so.
Just recently, the authorities have arrested a man who they believe is a "hired killer" in San Indefonso, Bulacan. The suspect is believed to have killed a local official and was also a part behind the killings of numerous drug personalities.

According to GMA 7's 24 Oras, the is now the custody of the local police and has been identified as "Ogie", not his real name.

The man was arrested in Brgy. Poblacion, San Indefonso, last Friday. He is believed as the prime suspect behind the killing Pandi Vice Mayor Roberto Rivera. His named was also mentioned as the killer of other three drug pushers in the area, namely Zaldy Gatchalian, Aga Dela Cruz and Onad Ombien.

The bodies of the three drug pushers mentioned were found wrapped up and a marking that says they are drug users. Ogie also revealed that he was paid  ₱15,000 each that he splits with his associates.

Bulacan-PNP Senior Supt. Romeo Caramat Jr. said that he is still currently investigating the crime and reason behind this vicious killings.Source: SocialTrendsPH