Thursday, September 1, 2016

WATCH: 10 Bizarre Wedding Rituals That Will Definitely Surprise You!

We're all familiar with how the traditional marriage is done around the world. But of course, different places mean different cultures, and also different rituals of marriage across different countries.
It's so diverse, you wouldn't believe these kinds of marriage practices exists! Take a look at some of the most bizarre marriage rituals practiced around the world. We'll guarantee you'll be shocked after reading this!

1. Throwing sticky stuff on the bride
A weird practice in Scotland is that the bride is hosed with water, sticky materials and other gooey stuff to make them black. It's their way of preparing the bride for marriage. Add the embarrassment of the bride as she parades in the streets while being covered in nasty stuff, it's an awkward marriage ritual indeed.

2. Spitting on the bride
The Maasai nation in Kenya practice this ritual of shaving the bride's head while covering it with lamb fat. The father the spits on her chest and her head before being married. The tribal people believe that it brings good fortune to their family. Talk about bizarre.

3. Kissing tradition of the bride and groom
The Swedes have a particularly interesting marriage ritual where the male and female guests get to kiss the bride and groom respectively. Now who doesn't want that?