Saturday, September 10, 2016

Netizen States 'Vladimir Putin is Right. Human Rights Are For Humans, Not For Animals' Find Out Why!

A powerful and eye-opening message has been making rounds online recently and is gathering the attention of many people.
Netizen Jose Alejandrino made waves on social media after posting a status update in regards to human rights in which he made plenty of points where most people agreed.

Alejandrino states that the animosity of criminals, drug lords and terrorists do not make them human, but instead heartless animals which in turn doesn't qualify them for being placed under consideration of human rights.

He cited the ISIS as a prime example of how they treat their hostages and prisoners as well as the the Mexican drug lords who punish innocent men and women. Such acts have earned much despise from Alejandrino and this was his point of emphasis in his post.
He said:
Vladimir Putin is right. Human rights are for humans, not for animals.

Rodrigo Duterte is right. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Hardened criminals like terrorists, druglords and their protectors are not humans. They are animals.

Look how ISIS treat their prisoners. Look what Mexican druglords did to innocent men and women. They burned men alive in metal drums. They beheaded them.

Did the US, the foremost champion of human rights, not water-board Al Qaeda terrorists in their facility at Guantanamo?

Did the US not torture Viet Cong prisoners during the Vietnam War?

Did the US not massacre tribes of Red Indians? Did they not forcibly herd them off to reservation areas?

Did the US not massacre thousands of Moros in Mindanao? Remember Howling Jack Smith and his order to turn Samar into a wilderness? Kill, kill, kill, I want no survivors, he said.

Did the Americans not shell from cannons and burn indiscriminately villages and towns like Caloocan during the Philippine-American War?

How can they explain the loss of 200,000 Filipino lives out of a population of 8 million in that war?

How can they explain the atrocities they committed in their so-called wars of liberation?

They can’t and that is why today they believe in moralizing to the whole world about human rights.

As Jesus said, who is without sin let him cast the first stone.
Alejandrino's words immediately skyrocketed throughout the internet and has been shared thousands of times, drawing different reactions in people's eyes.
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Source of Story: All Things Pinoy