Saturday, September 10, 2016

This Couple Couldn't Afford the Expensive Engagement Ring They Wanted Until Paul Walker Paid For It 9 Years Ago Before He Died!

One of the most iconic actors in the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise of actions films, Paul Walker remains a fan favorite to this very day after passing away due to a tragic car crash accident in 2013.
He's made a mark in the hearts of many not only because of his great acting, but his kind and generous personality as well.

He saw a couple in a jewelry store looking at an expensive $10,000 diamond engagement ring. The man had recently come home from his first tour of duty in Iraq and was looking for the perfect ring for his fiance. Paul overheard their conversation and found out that the couple couldn't afford the steep price tag of the beautiful engagement ring.
The couple left the store in disappointment, but was later called back by one of the sales associates. Much to their surprise, the sales clerk gave them the ring they wanted. Shocked, they wondered how on earth they got their hands on the expensive ring. They wondered who paid for it when one of the staff members quietly whispered “There’s Paul Walker.” From there they found out that the actor paid for the expensive ring without telling them. They wholeheartedly appreciated Walker's generosity which left a mark in their hearts that will forever be remembered.
Paul Walker was a philanthropist who was actively raising funds for those in need and help people who were struck by natural disasters. He will be remembered forever by those who he helped after he passed away. And certainly his legacy as one of the Fast and Furious' iconic actors will forever live on in the minds and hearts of many.

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