Sunday, September 18, 2016

VIRAL: Davao City Hall Exposes EJK Witness Edgar Matobato's True Identity!

During the Senate hearing last September 15, a witness named Edgar Matobato went up and spoiled all the goods regarding the Extrajudicial Killings (EJK) against President Duterte.
However, in his testimony he claimed that he didn't finished his education and said that he is only a Grade 1 finisher.

Senators had been asking him questions to test the witness' credibility, but many of his answers are really inconsistent, he even said that he can't understand some of it because he was only a Grade 1 finisher.
Due to this, the Davao City Hall released Matobato's service card to the public and it shows that he is a high school graduate and not just a grade 1 finisher as he was claiming. The service card record also shows the date where he claims that his group were already killing people. According to Matobato's testimony, he worked at Davao City under the "Heinous Crimes Section", but the City Hall revealed his service card and confirmed that Matobato worked as a labor in the City hall, together with his educational attainment.
If ever he was proven dishonest, Matobato may face charges and the senate will proceed on De Lima's case.
Source: Posade